Currently, most of the open source applications available for field data collection with mobile devices are developed to work exclusively on Android systems and therefore, for IOS users, the choice is extremely limited and the available applications do not always offer easy-to-use interfaces. and intuitive. Furthermore, choosing an application for IOS or Android implies that it is not possible to involve users of one and the other system at the same time.

In fact, during my courses I have often found myself “in trouble” to recommend suitable tools and therefore I was particularly happy when I learned from the developers of Hydrologis that their new product SMASH , derived from over ten years of development of its” big brother” Geopaparazzi, would have been fully compatible with both Android and IOS.

SMASH, which being an open source tool fits perfectly with the principles of sustainability that are required by development cooperation activities, recently released version 1.4.0 full of news both as regards the editing of vector layers and for their compatibility with legends (OGC standard SLD). For those interested, from this page you can download the user manual while, to get the app, just search for “SMASH Digital Field Mapping” on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.