“Mapping for International Cooperation”

The GIS has now become an essential tool for those working in the field of international cooperation and even more so in the field of humanitarian mapping. In this course, in which only open source software will be used to ensure the full sustainability of the proposed solutions, the main methodologies of GIS territorial analysis will be illustrated in order to provide rapid and easily understandable answers and information both to project partners. and to decision makers in the form of maps and online products such as webGIS.

The course, lasting 6 months, is created by Ong2.0 and takes place online with a mixed methodology on demand and live. It is realized thanks to the support of the Cariplo Foundation and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation as part of the Innovation for Development program. It is possible to access it by submitting your application: 30 participants will be selected based on the criteria illustrated below. Applications can be sent from January 15th to February 15th 2021.

The course is aimed at those who work in an organization active in the field of international development cooperation, migration and education for global citizenship: both on-site and expatriate staff, and are interested in learning more about the topics of the course. It is also possible to participate in a team with another colleague from your organization (max. 3 people from the same organization).

No specific skills are required to participate, but a basic knowledge of spreadsheets is recommended. The expected commitment for the course (video-training pills + live online sessions + project work and individual insights) is approximately 55 hours