The CEFA MaTerrE (Marketing Territorial pour l’emploi) project has as its intervention area north-western Tunisia, a region characterized by a high rate of unemployment, and with sectors with great potential, namely agriculture, tourism, crafts, not yet adequately exploited . CEFA’s action aims to create employment opportunities for the most excluded people, through alternative, responsible and supportive tourism; also strengthening endogenous economic practices, increasing the capacity of the population and improving the profitability of community tourism and agricultural and artisanal production.

Within this project I had the pleasure of intervening on three components or, at the beginning of the activity, a remote training aimed at GIS literacy for the benefit of the local unit just created while, in a subsequent period, I carried out a training- work aimed both at consolidating when previously and at addressing new topics such as the collection of data in cmpo with mobile devices and their publication on the web using open solutions. In November 2018 I participated in the Conference “Kroumirie Mogods: Projets, perspectives et échanges sur la promotion du territoire” where the results of the project were presented, including the implementation of the use of GIS tools by local partners