From 1 December 2020 I will start a new collaboration with the Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara” IFAC – CNR in Florence within the framework of the OptiMed-Water project, “Forstering sustainable water management for the economic growth and sustainability of the Mediterranean region” for the following topic: “Collection and processing of SAR and multi / hyperspectral data of soil and vegetation with satellite sensors on the Project test areas. Implementation of algorithms for the estimation of soil and vegetation parameters from satellite data.

This project deals with the implementation of an innovative water management system in Mediterranean countries (i.e. Tunisia and Egypt), which suffer from chronic water scarcity, together with two European countries (Germany and Italy). The consortium is developing and applying methods and algorithms for the investigation  the water cycle, using remote sensing techniques.
The focus is on the use of satellite data (optical and microwave) for monitoring vegetation cover and water status along with soil moisture temporal evolutions in order to improve the knowledge of the water cycle in arid areas. Both local and regional monitoring are carried out in order to investigate different spatial scales.
The scope of the project is to propose practical and cost-effective solutions for driving and updating a method for the sustainable use of water in agriculture.